Pathway Program Completed

— Pathway Program Completed

Pathway has been a really strange experience in general. It is not based on the things we are supposed to learn during our entire school studies. It is the bare minimum required to make our life better; which makes it surprising how little I knew about some of those things. It was evident that those things orbited around the 6 topics of "Provident Living" as a field of study (as taught by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints). Self-sufficiency is embedded deep into the entire thing, that's why each tool must be the bare minimum; to allow personal growth.

Making mistakes and striving to get better results each time has been an essential part of it. That's why several tests allow multiple opportunities and computing the median or the highest score; it is all about losing the fear to make it better each time. In this particular philosophy it has much from the Saviors mechanism for mercy in it. Mercy is precious and it is not to be given to anyone without effort.

Effort has been a nice surprise. Learning the pain of writing with real intent. Making an effort to appreciate others writings and style was an interesting task. It definitely was a nice ride.