Hello, I'm Andres Perez

I'm an enthusiast; a learning enthusiast.

There are many things to learn around the world and not enough time to learn it all. I've worked most my life in the construction sector; starting as a drafter. . Soon I discovered that besides structures, there are an infinite number of specialties hidden in every building, spending most of my career in the window and door specification, design, manufacturing and parametrization. However soon enough programing emerged as a tool to defeat repetition in daily tasks, particularly through parametrization of bills of materials.

All my programing work has orbited around VBA (AutoCAD and Excel) and Python. Python is the "cute child of my eyes" as it has clever libraries and solutions for everyday life; from command line to the web. This website was built using Lektor, a static website CMS, and an assortment of web technologies and open source projects.

Feel free to roam around and checkout this website.

Btw. The map is clickable, so there is literally a sitemap.

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